• As of 01/07/2011, Electronic Road Tax will be mandatory in Poland. It will apply to all shipments to and from Poland, as well as all shipments through or between Poland and Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.
  • Have you made use of Balnak`s customs clearance service? Please call us in order to receive detailed information about Balgüm, which serves Istanbul and Gebze customs, at 0212 473 17 17
  • We are at your service with our direct complete and partial services each week from Izmir and Denizli to Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. We are ready to serve you with our complete and partial non-stop services, operating weekly from İzmir and Denizli to The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia
  • Partial landfreight from Balnak to Greece 4 days a week have started. Balnak now offers partial land service to Greece 4 times a week!
  • New six-day non-stop ground shipment service to Morocco!
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